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1. Full base of the National Court Register subjects

The website does include information pertaining to the National Court Register subjects. In particular, the website comprises a set of information concerning all subjects who are presented on the Register of Entrepreneurs list of National Court Register (all companies, nearly 560 thousands,) and publicly accessible information regarding subjects of the Organization Register (nearly 100 thousands.) In the instance of enterprises, the website does comprise ll the data which have been published in the Court and Commercial Gazette since the National Court Register was established (over 5.4 million entries to the National Court Register since 2001.) All the aforementioned data have been compiled and consolidated.

2. The license fee includes all copies of the National Court Register

Within the standing license fee, the user has an access to the documents in a form corresponding to the full copy of the National Court Register together with the changes history and current state of all the data. The above-mentioned does concern both the basic data (such as name, seat address, representatives) and the commonly unavailable data, that is information pertaining to branches, proxy, the regulatory office composition, data concerning the companies statute changes, or information regarding transformation and merger. The disclosure of such information in the form of National Court Register copy allows better interpretation thereof. The source of information or the original of an appropriate Court and Commercial Gazette number is constantly available.

3. A set of Gazette B financial reports

As a part of the license fee, the user has an access to all companies reports which have been published in Gazette „B” since 2001. The aforementioned constitutes nearly 124 thousands of reports selected from 23.5 thousands of Gazette „B” numbers (over 1.4 million pages.) The documents are available in the form of Gazette „B” original photography. It gives the user a possibility to carry out a search of minute balance, profit and loss account, and statement of changes in equity capital as well as in the cash flow. Moreover, the accessible reports do also contain the irms commentary and the auditor’s opinion.

4. The connections between persons and companies in the graphical form

On the grounds of the National Court Register data, nearly 4.8 million of connections between persons and subjects were collected where more than a half are the active connections pertaining to the currently performed functions. The above-mentioned connections concern more than 680 thousand subjects and nearly 1.7 million natural persons fulfilling different functions – from board members, through partners, proxy and board of trustees members to liquidators and guardians. Available are also connections between subjects themselves, e.g. capital connections or transformation information. All the connections can be presented in an interactive graphical form facilitating the interpretation thereof.

5. A developed search mechanism

The effectiveness of the in-depth subjects base use depends on search mechanism thereof. The website makes use of an intelligent search engine Neurosoft NeuroScope which allows to get information concerning a particular company or person. The search of company by its name takes into consideration the specificity of Polish language (inflection,) allows to search for abbreviations, and does unambiguously find a company even if the name has been changed. Apart from name, National Court Register and ID numbers, the search results list does also present the subject activeness and the seat location. The prompting and inquiry correcting mechanisms do substantially facilitate the search.

6. The information updating and notifications

Each day, nearly 250 new subjects are being registered in the National Court Register and more than 1000 change their data. It means that over 25 thousands data are being monthly changed in the NCR. Additionally, around 1200 new financial reports are being monthly added to the Gazette “B”. All the aforementioned changes are entered to the website database and are available (in a fully processed form) few days after publication date. A registered user can take advantage of the changes notification mechanism – any change for a chosen subjects are automatically announced via email.

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